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If you already run a business or are thinking of starting up in Bexhill then Bexhill Chamber of Commerce & Tourism are here to help and support you.

With a population of about 46,000 Bexhill is a town about the same size as small cities like Salisbury and Canterbury. Bexhill is the Jewel in the crown of the East Sussex coast between Hastings and Eastbourne. It is a town with a history of innovation and entrepreneurship. It was a town predominantly built as a sophisticated luxury resort for the wealthy in the Edwardian era that embraced the then-new technology of the motor car and bicycles.

In 1902 Bexhill became the birthplace of British Motor Racing, later on, it was also the home of the inventor of television John (Logie) Baird and is still the home of the iconic De La Warr Pavilion. With a move towards clean sustainable growth in local businesses, Bexhill Chamber is working with many members and regulatory stakeholders to get our town ready to embrace the “New Normal” Business environment.

With the building of thousands of new homes in the Bexhill and Hastings area, the demographic curve is flattening from a bias towards the over sixties into a spike of incoming young professional families that will create and drive new business opportunities.  

The house building and rising investment in home improvement have led Bexhill Chamber to form a dedicated Trades and Properties group to help support this fast-moving and expanding sector.

Large local employers and Chamber members like Hastings Direct and Park Holidays have rapidly adapted their ways of working to allow their workforces more flexibility and working from home opportunities during the Covid-19 emergency. Park Holidays are growing fast to meet the rising demand for domestic holidays and Hastings Direct are increasing their market share during the ongoing situation. Many new small and micro tech startups have expanded rapidly during the crisis and are ready to face the future optimistically as more and more businesses enhance their online capability and work from home facilities. 60% of businesses in our area are home entrepreneur-led and our Chamber offers a wide range of support for them from social activities to specialised seminars.

Our area is an ideal sanctuary from the stress of the big cities and urban conurbations. We offer great value property locations for investment, residential or business migration. While only 60 miles (or a Zoom call) away from Central London we offer you, your family and colleagues real space to breathe in the fresh sea air. Through our network of property based members and local knowledge, Bexhill Chamber can help find your ideal business property whatever your needs.

Bexhill town centre is unique – our town avoided the bland homogenisation that most places of similar size suffered in the 80s and 90s.

While we have Ravenside retail park, which our Chamber liaise with, for the main high street brands, on the outskirts of Bexhill, our seafront and town centre has remained a haven for independent shops and shoppers. Bexhill is, and always will be, a great place to wander and mooch around. Bexhill cherishes its town centre conservation area which enhances the contemporary modern retro vibe and embraces a vibrant culture of second hand and vintage shopping as well as a wide variety of day to day retail needs.

With some great cafes, pubs and restaurants to stop off in for a pint, cuppa and bite Bexhill is a great place to live, work and play. We may not have the crowds and gaudy brashness of Brighton or the mega shopping centre of Eastbourne (which is only a few miles down the coast) but what we do have is a charm and sophistication that welcomes locals and visitors alike. Bexhill Chamber works closely with its retail and hospitality members to maintain and improve our unique town centre offer.

Bexhill on Sea is a hidden gem of an arts and culture staycation destination. Right in the heart of the Southcoast cultural trail.

Bexhill has three miles of wide-open uncluttered promenade and rolling lawns ideal for walking and cycling.

At the heart of the prom is the art deco De La Warr Pavilion (DLWP) which is listed as one of the top twenty most iconic buildings in the UK. The De La Warr is a driving force behind our Chamber’s arts, culture and tourism policies.

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Join a friendly group of likeminded business professionals to share experiences, objectives and goals. To share information and advice. When seeking commercial partners or services we all know it’s better to go with the people you know and trust to deliver to your specific needs. The Chamber is an easy-going sociable way for you to meet other businesses in the town and find the people you like doing business with.